MAILTO functionality trouble shoot


Hey Team, I am facing this issue on MAILTO. I tried getting it in two ways: -

Option 1: - Used MAILTO functionality MAILTO(u, v, w, x, y, z)

Result from triggering this option from the backend and frontend (NEW UX) has led to an error where the line breaker (%0A%0A)  inserted in the body of the mail does not function.

Option 2: - "[Open Example]" & "mailto:?to=" & To & "&cc=" & CC & "&subject=" & Subject & "&body=" & Body

Result from triggering this option works as expected in the back end and in the front end (NEW UX) the &bcc= comes in CC category in the mail. 
Could someone please guide me on this. Thanks


  • @Sachinsourav02 


    It might be more helpful to post pictures of the blueprint.  As for the line breaks, take a look at this thread to see if it sheds any light on your issue.