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I want to create a module that allows me to select only some of the items in the pull-down menu.
Example:I want User to be able to select only Apple, Peach, and Orange.
I want to make it so that Fruit and Grape cannot be selected (not displayed).



Can i do it?

Please help me.

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  • LipChean_Soh
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    Hi @KubotaNatsuki 


    Please see if the following helps.


    LipChean_Soh_0-1623197396860.png.    LipChean_Soh_6-1623197981587.png


    1. I have 2 lists shown above, i.e. Fruit and Tech list. Fruit is the same as yours, but it has a property 'Show? (Yes/No)' for the purpose of driving the dependent list.

    2. Tech list can be an existing list you have in your model that you create for technical reasons. I am not a fan of single member list, so the above is just an illustration.  

    3. I'll explain the formula of Fruit.'Show? (Yes/No)' later.



    Note: Only 'apple' and 'orange' are shown in the drop down list when 'apple' and 'orange' are checked in 'INP Fruit Selection'.



    4. Admin Module 2 is created as a LOOKUP module, since i want to avoid hardcoding 'Tech List'.Yes

    5. INP Fruit Selection is the module where you as the model admin decides the list of fruits that can be shown in the subsequent drop down list. Any selection made here checks the property from Item 3, i.e. Fruit.'Show? (Yes/No)'

    6. INP Fruit Sales is where the dependant list is created. Convert 'INP Fruit Sales'.Select Fruit into a dependent list by checking 'Dependent'. 





  • Hey @KubotaNatsuki ,


    Use Subsets in the dimension of the module . Please go through this List Subsets - Anaplan Technical Documentation



  • Thanks for your reply!
    I thought about using subset, but that would automatically include Fruit.
    I don't want Fruit to be displayed either.
  • Hi @KubotaNatsuki 


    Yes you can do that. Kindly follow the below steps


    1) Check the 'Selective Access Enabled?' check box from the configure tab of this list.

    2) Provide the read access to the users from the 'Read' section from the grid view to the list items that you want the particular user to see or access.


    Now the user will be able to access only those list items in the page selectors, wherever this list is used as a dimension


    I hope it helps





  • Harsha

    You can hide top level (Fruit) from "Select levels to Show" option in module. And publish from the module as page selector to your required DB.





  • Thanks for your reply!
    It's a very tedious method if you have a lot of Users.
    Is there an easier way to do this?
  • Hi @KubotaNatsuki ,


    If you don't want different selections for every individual user and if you want this selections to be available for everyone, you can follow the below steps as discussed above.


    1) Create a subset and check in the booleans for list items that you want to be visible.

    2) Use this subset as a dimension in the module.

    3) Pull the fruit subset in the rows and right click and go to Reselect Items

    4) Untick the summary level and save the view.


    I think this should meet your requirements.



  • @KubotaNatsuki 

    Use a filter.

    Create a module dimensioned by the target list and a boolean line item. Check those items you want displayed and use this to filter the view. 

    Alternatively, use the check to inform a DCA write access setting. 

  • Sorry for the late reply.
    Thanks for your reply!

    I was able to solve the problem that way.
    Thank you!!