INV04 Distribution Center Capacity Model: Beginning Inventory


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For some reason my Total Beginning Inventory in INV04 Distribution Center Capacity values don't look right. You can see my formula in the image below. It's basically saying my total beginning inventory is 137% of my distribution center capacity... Yet if I go to my DAT01 Beginning Inventory module, I can see that my New York distribution center beginning inventory should be 71,705 for all products that are using that distribution center, not 249,294.. I think it has something to do with the time settings between weeks and months because when I drill into the 249,294 it's pulling the full month of Jan when I think it should just be pulling the first week, however I already took and passed the level 2 sprint 3 test and I'm pretty sure it said my formula was correct in the total beginning inventory line.. Any ideas what's going on here?








  • @dsulliv8 ,


    It seems like 'Beginning Inventory' in the INV01 module might be causing some trouble. Worth checking that



  • Hi @anand.shekhawat,


     Thanks for responding, I don't see any issues with the beginning Inventory formula in my INV01 Inventory Ordering module and I'm pretty sure I had to enter this formula in the level 2 sprint 3 exam and it came back correct, but I feel like it has something to do with the time / aggregation because thinking high level, my beginning inventory each week in January isn't a "new" beginning inventory being added fully to last weeks, it's more of a rolling number I think. Some inventory goes out, some comes in,  and I think the current formula is just summing all 4 weeks of January's beginning inventory. If I change the summary method from SUM to none on my beginning inventory in INV01, I get no values in my total beginning inventory in INV04. I almost feel like I need to change the INV04 to be weekly, so when it looks at beginning inventory it's just calculating a percentage full for every week, or I need to use the week 4 ending inventory to show January's ending inventory vs capacity.. Any ideas?




  • Hi @dsulliv8 ,

    You are pulling the monthly data from here, so taking an eg of Beginning inventory for Jan 20. The time summary cannot be a sum of all the 4 weeks, it should be the closing inventory numbers of Week 4 FY20, then only it will make some sense. 


    I hope it helps