Variation Column that results "%" or "pts" in the same cell depending the account selected


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I'm trying to find a creative way to report the line items in rows and columns with amounts, variance $ and variance %/pts (the last in the same cell). In the screenshots below is the ideal formatting. Unfortunately Anaplan allow me to use only one Line Item, so I cannot create customized columns and be "creative" with a single column for the Variance in % or Pts depending the line item selected. If I choose to use a LIS for accounts and create this columns as line items I have another problem, because I need to use the Collect function and it return as a number unique format, but I need some accounts in amounts and others in % and still need to compare IF amounts in %, OR IF % in pts. I think I need to know if this is impossible in Anaplan and reports the way we not like or if anyone has a creative way to report in the ideal model below. (the team that helped us developing our project told me it is impossible, so he created 2 reports: one for Amounts and variance in % and other for % and variance for pts).

The final problem is that I would like to report in sequence the corresponding accounts, even if need to mix Amounts Accounts or % accounts in the the report.

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As is today:













  • @diogocorazza 


    First, please remove the emoji's from the model as these could have some fairly serious consequences (performance, losing the model because different browsers interpret the emoji's differently, etc.)


    Second, while it is not exactly what you want in the final result, I would create a Line Item Subset (LISS) with the line items being Current Year, Previous Year, Variance $, and Variance %/pts.


    As for how to do create the LISS, you can get more information here:


    Hope this helps,





    Hope this helps.

  • @diogocorazza 

    It is not possible to use different formatting in both columns and rows within the same module!

    Your implementation partner is correct and the solution they offered in building two different reports is the only option that I am aware of.

    However, I am happy to be enlightened if there is an alternative.

  • Thank You @ChrisAHeathcote  and @rob_marshall 


    Yes, that's what I would like to know because I'm almost a week trying to solve this. If this is not possible I can move on and accept the way it is.