Pulling in data from a monthly module into a daily module




I'm trying to write a formula in a module that is time dimensioned as Daily, but the module I'm pulling the data from is monthly. How can I get data to come in. Basically I'm trying to break down the monthly information into daily. I do not believe a subsidiary view will work. 


Thank you 


  • Hi @neg177 


    You can try the following:




    There are 2 line items in 'CALC Daily', because i'm not sure if you wanted the original monthly value or the original monthly monthly value divided by the number of days within that month.





  • @neg177 

    To pull through the value as it appears in the month use MONTHVALUE function. 

    If this then needs to be phased across the days in the month then you will need to apply a phasing adjustment to distribute the value down. 

  • hi @neg177 


    You can use the MONTHVALUE() function to pull month value across each day under that month .