why isn't CurrentUser a command


Why oh Why can't we have a currentuser() command.
I have spent 9 hours (and failed) trying to develop a filter module just to hide people who are not the current user from a grid on a New UX page.

It should be simple,

IF dataModule.mailaddress = current user() THEN  TRUE ELSE FALSE




  • Hi @DeveloperCYT ,


    Alternatively you can turn off all Users from the Module 




    Hope this helps.



  • Absolutely no idea what that does or how it helps!

    The module is not using USER as a dimension as this would cause issue elsewhere


  • @DeveloperCYT  It will hide other users from the drop down and you'll see only current user in the drop down.


    You can change this in the blueprint view of the module.

  • There is no concept of a 'current user' at the point the value is calculated, only when the data is viewed. If your data is dimensioned by users, you can obtain the email address of the user using NAME(ITEM(Users))

  • Misbah



    What is it that you are trying to achieve?


    If Filter module is already dimensioned by Users and the filter is applied on the target module then the end users will only be able to see their email id and not anybody's else email id. However if the User Selection is turned On in the blueprint mode then the Workspace admins can see everybody else's email id (even if the filter is applied).