The page selector to show only the year



I want the page selector to show only the year when the Time axis is month.
What should i do?



  • Hi @KubotaNatsuki 


    At the moment, there isn't a filtering option available for standard time in the selector area to allow you to show only the Year members. And i understand that it can be quite tedious for your user to specifically select the correct Year member. If they accidentally select a quarter or half year, then the users won't get to see 12 months in the module.


    Having said that, pls see if the following workaround works.




    1. I have hidden all page selectors.

    2. The card at the top is a SYS Year Detail module with only Year members.

    3. The card at the bottom has Time hierarchy turned on.


    Users can now click on the specific year from the top card to sync the months in the bottom card.




  • Thanks for your reply!
    Currently, we can't add a filter to the Time axis in the page selector.
    It was helpful.
    thank you!