Boolean Filter Line Item


Hi team,


I have a Filter module to calculate filtering at a row level due to some complicated requirements. There are 3 dimensions being:


Location L3

SS: GL - EBITDA Report (L3 in Hierarchy)

SS Channel - Budget Channels (No Hierarchy)


On Level 1 of the GL dimension (List Item: Income) it is returning TRUE in the 'OPEX Filter' line item but the calculation in the Line Item is:


NOT Exp Cat.Sales AND NOT Exp Cat.COS etc & both these Line Items are TRUE (Please see attached screenshot for results & blueprint) & hence I would expect a FALSE result in the 'OPEX Filter' Line Item


The SUMMARY is set to Formula & hence this cannot be the issue






  • Based on the second screenshot, there is an extra condition in the OPEX Filter line item about 'Location Regional...'. It might be useful to drill down and see where the TRUE/FALSE is coming from?

  • @MarkTurkenburg 

    How is the boolean summarising up the hierarchies?

    If your screenshot is showing a summary level of the L3 hierarchy then I suspect you may have this set as any.

    Try using formula instead.

    Alternatively, using drill down function to work your way down through the logic of the calculation. 

    Right click while you have the target cell selected and choose drill down from the menu or press F8 and the drill down feature will open. 

    Continue to drill down until you hit the bottom of the logic flow.

  • Always worth F8 on an unexpected result as it will usually show the answer!

  • Hi @andrewtye & @shreyak.garg 


    That was my 1st point of call but none of the formula conditions are passed (see screenshot)


    The SUMMARY is set to Formula as per my prior screenshot of the Blueprint



  • I found it - I did not wrap the final OR condition in brackets


    Thanks team

  • Ah... it's your last item. Missed off a pair of ( ) around the GL L2 & GL L1.

    Easily done!