New UX: enhance showing/hiding rows and columns by end users


There are multiple improvements that would help end users to operate with grids in Anaplan. There are multiple solutions in different systems that people already used to, and which are great for narrowing/expanding field of analysis. Let me include few of them, I think both Model Builders (who now need to replace these each time with some custom filters) and End Users (who have hard time with getting used to how it works in Anaplan) would benefit from changes below:

  1. Set Time as normal hierarchy - currently, Time Periods don't have some features of another hierarchies. You cannot select levels which needs to be shown, and hierarchy filter for All Periods is also not behaving correctly (it's showing just "All Periods", instead of (as most people expect) whole timeline). It has been huge pain in multiple use cases already.
  2. Add "Select Levels of show..." to New UX, as in classic modules and dashboards. This would allow to use one grid for easy analysis at different levels.
  3. Implement +(Expand)/-(Collapse) for hierarchies, so users can click on it just like in Excel for grouped rows/columns.
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