trying to load from Snowflake to Anaplan using IICS (process in Anaplan)



We are trying to load hierarchy in Anaplan using IICS Anaplan connector from snowflake. Below are the steps we took- 


Step 1 - Mapping created with source as Snowflake with SQ query with all the required fields. Target is Anaplan Import( any hierarchy). Upload only import option checked. This step will upload the import generated from Snowflake query into Server.


Step 2 - Mapping created with source as Dummy csv/txt file with one record and one dummy column. Target is Anaplan process.


Expected result - All though in Step 1 , we chose Anaplan import target as any hierarchy, after Step 2 runs, we should be able to load all hierarchies using the process in IICS.


Has anyone use process as target to load data/ hierarchies in Anaplan ?