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Hi , I'm facing an issue with the Selector in the below image . 


In Grid 1 , when I select Project Name = DARE , Product = Integration and Specifics = BU, I can see all other combinations as well which has these selected values whereas I just want to see the one highlighted below in Grid 2 . 

Grid 1 has List drop down line items of a different module and Grid 2 has dimension as Unique Key. I have to apply Boolean filter to show all rows with selected Project /Product/Type & Species...any selection can be blank and grid 2 should show rows combination based on above selection only.


What formula would will be applied to eliminate the rest of the combinations !!? hgjh.jpg


Best Answer

  • ChrisAHeathcote


    It you need to create a filter module or line item where you can query the value selected in the first grid with the property held within each line item. 

    To allow the user to display exactly what is selected you will need to create a logic in which a blank entry is always TRUE and will result in all items for that list showing in any filter.

    Create a boolean line item in the second module for each of the lists in the first grid.

    Call these line items - 'List Filter 1 - 4'.

    For each line item use the following logic;

    =ISNOTBLANK(FirstGrid.LineItem) OR SecondGrid.LineItem = FirstGrid.LineItem

    This will return a TRUE outcome when the list item in the second grid matches the selection or the selection grid is left blank.

    Add a final boolean line item. Call this 'Final Filter.'

    =SecondGrid.LineItem 1 AND SecondGrid.LineItem that all line items in the second grid are covered.


    Use this line item to inform a filter in the module. 


  • For each would have a boolean line item along the lines of:

    isblank(grid1. line item) or grid1. line item=grid 2.line item

    And then a line item that goes 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 - then filter on that one.

    Hope that helps!