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Is there a method to define levels within a ragged list? I have a ragged list which is being used in a complex filtering exercise & for 1 of the conditions I want to only display the Lower level of of the ragged list (see screenshot whereby both Income and Profit & Loss are L1 but I wish to create a condition for Income only)



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  • MarkTurkenburg_*56377

    If anyone is interested in the solution to defining the top level (from L3 of the hierarchy) of a Ragged list it was possible by:


    - Creating a COUNT line item in the L3 Properties module (Calculation = 1)

    - Creating a 'GL Groups L1 P&L Count' module (No dimensions) where I referenced the COUNT line item above & used SELECT to reference the top list item in L1

    - Creating a Boolean line item in the L3 Properties module (Calculation = COUNT = Line item from above) & SUMMARY set to Formula


    This results in 1 TRUE item being on the Top list item. I can then use this in my filtering module which is dimensionalised by L3


    Screenshots attached




  • Hi @MarkTurkenburg ,


    You cannot define levels in a ragged hierarchy because their leaf items do not have a uniform number of ancestors. Or we can say that these are unbalanced hierarchies. 

    In your case, if you want to create a condition where only the 'Income' list item needs to be displayed, you need to hard code the field.



  • Thanks @anand.shekhawat 


    Could you kindly provide an example of 'hard coding to the field' as I'm not 100% on what you are referring to