Ability for end users to Show/Hide columns and rows on Boards in NUX


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We have end users that really liked the ability in the old UX dashboards to right click on rows or columns and have the option to show/hide items. It seems like the only way for end users to accomplish this in the NUX boards would be for them to create their own personal copy, and then open the editor tool and use the show/hide toggle. I believe this isn't an ideal experience for end users who haven't had the training on page building and would be overwhelmed by having to jump through those hoops to just show/hide rows and columns on a Board.

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  • This is really a necessary enhancement for Anaplan NUX. I've had complaints that its easier to work in the back-end in a module to pivot and show what the users want rather than trying to create views in NUX. This functionality existed in classic, just needs to be brought into NUX. 


    Worksheet view below, but would love this in a board. 



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