Linking Line item to List


Hello folks,


I am new to anaplan and stucked at one small requirement.


We are having two modules i.e. Module 1 - Product segment (Defined in List for different products) with transportation cost line item and Module 2 - Transportation cost for Each segment in line items (input). Need to know how can i link the transportation cost of each segment to module 1?





  • @gaurangkoladiya 

    What an awesome question! And way to go for choosing Anaplan! It's a great work with.

    You have two options to help you link these two modules together but the key ingredient is that you MUST have a relationship defined somewhere between the product segment and the product cost. That relationship must contain a LIST formatted line item.

    • Option 1 is to manage the relationship in a system module. A system module, as part of DISCO, is usually a module that has one dimension and all the properties of that dimension. For you, each product segment will have a product cost associated with it. This, of course, assumes that each product segment has one, and only one, product cost. The product cost defined MUST be a list formatted line item.
    • Option 2 is to create a special system module that contains two dimensions. Some will call this a Calculation module (transformation) also part of DISCO, but the result is the same. This allows you to intersect all product segments with all product costs. If this is what you need all you need to do is create a module with both dimensions and one line item that contains the cost value.

    Hope that helps!

  • @gaurangkoladiya 

    Create a line item subset (LISS) from the module containing the line items. 

    Add a new line item to module 2 but add the LISS in the applies to in addition to the other dimensions. 

    Use COLLECT() to pull the data from the line items comprising the LISS into the new line item.

    This action has effectively converted the data held across multiple line items into a single line item containing the LISS. This can be used via a mapping to pull the data into module 1.  

    Now create a system module dimensioned by the LISS containing a list formatted line item referencing the list from module 1.

    Create a mapping which assigns a list item from module 1 to every item in the LISS.

    Using the SUM function sum the data from the new line item in module 2 which contains the LISS. 

    The mapping will now sum each line item into the respective list item as per the mapping in the systems module.