Filtering time intervals on the UX


Hi I'm trying to figure out how one filters time intervals on the New UX. Doesn't appear where one can select months in lieu of weeks or quarters for that matter. I may have to do that at the model level. Thing is how does one?

Is the solution to create a Time by Weeks module in the model and have that linked to the module or saved view we are trying to display on the UX? If so what logic should I use to enable just the weeks, months or quarters as the case may be? Appreciate any suggestions, better still with an illustration.

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  • Hi @ClarenceAndre 


    Perhaps you can attach an Excel mockup of what you're trying to achieve?




  • Many thanks @Vinay VaradarajM let me check that out!

  • Thanks Lip Chean. There's another reply provided by Vinay that looks interesting with the Filters although I did something similar but not sure why it's not showing up as expected on the NUX. What I did was to create a filtered Saved View and referenced that in the NUX but for some reason the filtering is not showing up as expected.
  • Hi @Vinay VaradarajM this is an interesting solution!

    To get it to work with the NUX is the idea to have a filtered Saved View to be referenced in the NUX?

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  • @ClarenceAndre ,


    In the thread, there is a SYS01 Time Filters module which has a lineitem named Filter. You can use any one of the following:

    - In the NUX, you can use it to create a custom view (recommended)

    - Create a saved view in your module, and use that module view in NUX


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