Return True if any Cell Value Within a Time Range Meets a Condition




I'm trying to display a submit checkbox (boolean) on the dashboard. However, I only want the checkbox to be available if the cell value for all years have a value greater than 0. The years you see in the image is a Time Range (so, not Model Calendar). 


I would appreciate any insights on how to approach this. Thanks. 

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  • ChrisAHeathcote


    First, assign 'All Periods' as a summary option for the time range.

    Add a boolean line item to your, 'Enter your % Growth' module. Call it 'Valid'.

    Use formula =% Growth <> 0, Change summary method to 'All'.

    The create a new flat module containing no dimensions. 

    Add two boolean line items; 1. read 2. write

    For read use formula =TRUE

    For write use formula ='Enter your % Growth'.Valid[SELECT:Time.All Periods] This line item will only return a true outcome when 'All' years are valid and therefore containing a % growth.


    Use these two booleans to set up DCA for the Submit? boolean



  • Hi @sosunkwo 

    From the screenshot provided i get that you also have a 'growth cell check' boolean line item, that is true only when there is value in the %growth line item. So you apply a DCA in the 'Submit' line item using the 'Growth cell Check' line item. Basically you need to select this line item i.e. 'Growth cell Check' in the write access driver option in the blueprint of the 'Submit' line item.

    This will restrict the access of editing the line item only to the values where the Growth cell Check line item is true.


    Hope this helps.




  • Thank you all! Your answers provided the insights that helped me solve the problem (which involved the two-step approach Chris laid out.) 


    Thanks again!

  • I have a similar issue where I need to use a Line Item as Driver for an Action. But since the User Dimension is involved I can't use any aggregation. How could such a thing be solved?