Level 2 Sprint 3 Ending Inventory



I am getting circular referencing error when use the formula to calculate the ending inventory as follows:

Ending Inventory = Beginning Inventory + Confrim Purchase Order Receipt- Forecast Demand 

Error Message:

Circular references: Ending Inventory, Safety Stock Exception Count, Confirm Purchase Order Receipt, Beginning Inventory, Reorder Flag, Suggested Order Amount for the Month

Every thing works fine, except the "Ending Inventory".

Any help?




  • Hi,

    It is working fine.



  • I got stuck at this point too  but realised by Suggested Order Amount For The Month was causing the issue downstream - I had referenced to the DEM03 Final Forecast - rather than the Final Demand in the INV01 Module. 


    Not sure why this worked but it did. 


  • Hi,

    I am using the same formula for ending inventory:

    Ending Inventory = Beginning Inventory + Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt- Forecast Demand 

    but i am getting the following error message:

    'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Ending Inventory has NUMBER format but the formula resolves to BOOLEAN format

    Please help!