Limitation on Input Values




I have a question which might be fairly simple to some of you. So I have this Input template where Users need to input values in terms of percentage. But the Users preferred to limit the amount to only 100%. See below



so as you can see on the screen shot provided. under the column Percentage % I was able to input both 100% into the same column. Is there a way or function where I can force the user to not be able to input anymore values since the column is already at maximum of 100%.?


Let me know what you think. Appreciate your time to provide me some idea.


Thanks for your time.


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  • anand.shekhawat

    Hi @Jsdeloria21 ,


    As far as I am aware you can't restrict the user to put the specific range bound values in the cell. In here what you can do is give a conditional formatting i.e. the cells turns red or any other color indicating incorrect input if the value is more than 100%.