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Hi, I would like to create and action that adds a new line to a list within an App Page - please could you give me a brief overview of the steps required or online training that exists?

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  • anand.shekhawat


    What i understood from the question is you want to add a new list member to a list in the New UX. Yes you can do that


    Step 1) Create a numbered list in which you want to create or add a new list item and set it up with the display name property and any other property fields that you want to populate while adding a new member.

    Step 2) Now go on to the new UX and pull the action card on the page

    Step 3 ) Navigate to Create and select 'Form' as shown in the below snip


    Step 4) Add the title and select the list that you want to add the member to. Following the same, select all the required sections of the list that needs to be populated while adding the list member. In my case its the Empolye List



    Step 5) After filling all the fields, click on create


    Step 6) You get the form created, now just click on the button and add the required details and then press Submit.


    You will get your list member created

    Also make sure while setting up the list don't forget to add a parent hierarchy from the General Lists section



    I hope it helps