how to write if column (a list) contains x then 1 else 0

Hi there - 

am new to anaplan have only used excel extensively. I need to add a conditional colum (col 2)n based on another column (col1) which is a list type. That is if col1 contains "x1" or "x2" then 1 else 0. 

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  • Tiffany.Rice
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    Perhaps try using a selector module to define which list items you want to flag as a 1 and then in a separate module where the data lives do a LOOKUP to those list items you have flagged.  This allows you to dynamically control which line items should be selected rather than hard coding the formula.    Rough examples below to help illustrate. 







    Hi im trying to update the success criteria actual column = if status is "Achieved" or "On Track" then 1 else 0?

  • status col is populated from a list
  • Thank you very much Tiffany that worked!!