How to apply filter on line items? There are 4 line items Baseline Forecast,Growth Rate %,Default Forecast,Initial Demand Forecast. I want just 2 line items  Baseline Forecast, initial demand forecast. The chart should show the monthly Baseline Forecast and Initial Demand Forecast for two years. so I want to filter time on a monthly basis.


  • Hi @Kalyani_Gaikwad 


    Select 2 line items  Baseline Forecast, initial demand forecast, then right-click you will see show option, click on the show & save this as view after applying time filter & publish the chart from this view




  • @Kalyani_Gaikwad 


    Please select baseline forecast & Initial demand forecast and then go to format option to "Show selection" and then make one saved view.

    By using option of "Show Selection" whenever new line item is added it will not reflect in UX dashboard.


    Hope this helps