Copy dates between List items



I have three line items: Actual , R1, R2.

Actual has data from Jan to Dec. I want to copy Actual data into R1 from Jan to March and April to Dec empty for input data.

I want to copy Actual data into R2 from Jan to Sep and Oct to Dec emtpty for input data. This action starts my budget.

It would be great to start this copy-on-demand process. My main user starts R1-2022 and copies the current 2022 data with one click. Likewise with R2. Naturally the copied months would be blocked.

How can I do it? Thanks



  • Hi @gfraviseo 


    There are a few ways this could be done, if you were using versions you could take advantage of the switchover feature within Anaplan to populate the actual periods with the values from the actual version but allow forecast versions to be manually input.


    As you mentioned these are all line items I would suggest adding a third line item that combines the actual and R1 line items depending on the month. The formula would reference the time period and check if it was before the forecast start date and if true take the actuals values else the R1 values.


    Hope this helps.

  • Hi ,

    I dont want to use version. Model grows a lot.




  • What I would do is first I create a system input module for end user to select (monthly) the start & end month of Actuals for each of R1 and R2, then I create a line item (boolean) in my time system module to hold the selection, and I create a formula in my calculation module that is similar to this: Actual Line[lookup: Your Time System Module Line].
  • Hi jimfeng5,


    This solution would be to select what we want to copy, right?
    And the next step?