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Hey guys,

Got a query, i have a module with Users and Business Line and boolean line item which enables each user to a  business unit. 

I published the same on a page but users without workspace admin are unable to view the users list, is there a way to make it enabled for them ? Or a workaround for this issue ?


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  • @Sachinsourav02 

    You can create a Custom User List and use this as a dimension in your module. Create one more user formatted line item and map this custom user list to the Anaplan's User list by using the formula FINDITEM(Users, NAME(ITEM(Custom User List))). It will serve your purpose


    I hope it helps



  • @Sachinsourav02 


    Kindly follow the below steps and snips to achieve the linking capability of both the modules.

    Step 1) The below Module B is created with custom user list or fake user list. Data 1 and Data 2 are taken for reference.


    Step 2) Module A is created with the Anaplan Users List. Data 1 and Data 2 line items get their data from the Module B. The third line item 'Finditem Custom User List' is 'Custom User List' formatted.



    The formulas used are mentioned below

    Data 1: Module B.'Data 1'[LOOKUP: Finditem Custom User List]

    Data 2: Module B.'Data 2'[LOOKUP: Finditem Custom User List]

    Finditem Custom User List: FINDITEM(Custom Users List, NAME(ITEM(Users)))


    Like wise you can pull all the data from the Module B into Module A by using lookup.


    I hope it helps





  • @anand.shekhawat  Hey thanks for that, I am able to get it. 

    Could you help me on how i can link this to my original module ? Like i have two modules, Module A with users and Module B with fake users. In module B using find item i have achieved to get users but how do I link the values selected in module B to Module A, i do not want to change that as there are series of other dependent modules to A which use users as dimension.