!!! Stuck on Create Historic Volumes Module !!!


Can someone please show me the exact mapping that needs to be done for this exercise? I have tried this several different times over the past several days and I am still stuck on this. 😑 Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


  • @tsanpedro 

    Looking at the screenshot it seems you have not created the line item to accommodate the volume data in the model. Make sure you have created a number formatted line item 'Volumes' in your DAT03 Module. After creating the line item follow the below mapping.


    Column 3: Week -->Time

    Column 1: SKU -->SKU Flat

    Column 2: Account -->Account Flat

    Column Headers -->DAT03 Historic Volumes Line Items


    Now navigate to Time tab, select 'Match Names'. The SKU Flat and Accounts Flat tab would get automatically mapped.

    Map the 'Volume' source item to the 'Volumes' line item that you had created.

    Now run the action, it would surely populate the numbers.


    I hope it helps