Conditional Formatting on LISS


I created a module that has a lot of line items and corresponding values in 3 Versions (FCST, Budget, Variance). 

I need to mark the Variance column in red  when the Variance has minus value for a subsequent line items. 


PS. Variance is part of LISS from source module  


Can you please suggest me what I should do in this case? 


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  • @Dominika_Dudzinska ,


    Still you can follow the same principle.

    Each of the lineitems needing conditional formatting (which have different drivers) will need a separate Conditional Formatting lineitem as shown:


    Data view

    Screenshot 2021-07-05 at 6.25.29 PM.png


    Blueprint view

    Screenshot 2021-07-05 at 6.26.19 PM.png




  • @Dominika_Dudzinska ,


    You could achieve this by creating lineitems which you can use for conditional formatting, as shown in the below example. Hope you can extend this to your case:


    Data setup:

    "Value" is the data lineitem which is formatted using the lineitem 'CF' (shown in another view below).

    Screenshot 2021-07-05 at 4.16.57 PM.png

    Blueprint view

    Screenshot 2021-07-05 at 4.17.32 PM.png


    Conditional formatting rule:

    Screenshot 2021-07-05 at 4.17.16 PM.png




  • Hello, 

    Thank you @Vinay VaradarajM  for your reply, my case is little more complicated. 

    I need to have the attached line items because they have a different format (%, normal number) -see the following photo: 



    Sales, Mat.Exl.Freight, Memo:Freight... - line items 

    Forecast, BBP, Variance - Line Item Subset 


    Best regards, 


  • It works! 

    Thank you @Vinay VaradarajM  for help. 


    Best regards,