SUM by Quarter

I want to sum the milestone values by each quarter in a different module(Line item).


NOTE: Quarter period(Line item format)in Quarter line item is from time scale and not model calendar. 



Source Module has three dimensions:


Target module where sum of milestone values need to be calculated has two dimensions:


NOTE: Neither of the module has timescale applied to it . 


How can I sum the milestone values by each quarter ?


  • @NancyKhurana 


    If you don't have quarters in your target modules how you plan to show the final output. Where you will land values for Q1,Q2 etc. separately?

    Are you planning to have separate line items for each quarter?




  • It can be line items in the target module and we can even create a list with quarter members(Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4) and pull it in dimensions in the module. 

  • @NancyKhurana 

    If you want to use a list in the target module then I would suggest use the Time dimension only. Follow the below snips for the result


    Below is the Target Module



    You can use your 'Time range' as well in the target module in place of Model Calendar. It will give you the desired output


    I hope it helps