Forecast action in PlanIQ



I tried implementing the basic setup of PlanIQ with a simple flat list . I have created the historical module using the same flat list with time dimension and created the export action for the same and used it for the data collection. The data collection was successful. Then, I have created the forecast model using the data collection created previously and step 2(forecast model creation) was successful.


As a next step, for pulling the forecasted data into the target module(same dimension as source), I have created .csv file and imported into the target module and used the same import action while creating a forecast action. Here, on running the forecast action , I'm facing the errors such as - "Internal server error" and " Import into Plan IQ Results module failed: The dimensions in the target module do not match the import definition" .  


If import action was successful while importing into the target module, what could be the possible reason for the import error in target module?


Any help or suggestion is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.






  • Hi @nandhini.sankar1 ,


    Do you mind sharing a screenshot of your import action?  Does it look similar to the attached image?







  • Hi @timothybrennan 


    Sorry for the delay in sharing the screenshot of the import action.


    The import action looks similar to the screenshot that you have shared. Difference I could see in both the images is I have used only one line item P1 and have used dummy value for  item while importing.  

  • Hi @nandhini.sankar1 ,


    It looks like you are missing the "Forecast Action" dimension in your import module.


    The data coming back from PlanIQ will have a dimension for Forecast Action.  I would suggest setting up a list in your Anaplan model called "Forecast Actions" and then add this as a dimension in the module you are importing PlanIQ results back into (image attached).


    Create an item in your "Forecast Action" list that is named exactly the same as the Forecast Action you created in PlanIQ.


    Hope this helps!