Post transaction after 2 working days


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I need a help to post transaction after 2 working days. 


I have a daily collection amount as a line item in a input module. I want to post these daily collection amount in a calculation module after two working days. For e.g. Monday, 1 March 2021 collection amount will be posted on Wednesday, 3 March 2021 and Thursday, 4 March 2021 collection amount will be posted in Monday, 8 March 2021. Weekends and Bank holidays will be considered as a non working days. 


I already have a Boolean formatted System Module showing all the working days (excluding weekends and bank holidays). 


Any suggestions? 




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  • LipChean_Soh
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    Hi @LancyRebello 


    LipChean_Soh_0-1625746707793.png.  LipChean_Soh_1-1625746734923.png

    1. I have created a 'Fake Day' list, and a 'SYS Fake Day Details' module.




    2. I created 'Post N' and 'Post N 2' to show the 2 different ways of getting the same results. 

    3.  Post N = IF Working Day? THEN IF MOVINGSUM(Working Day, 1, SYS Fake Day Details.'No.') = 2 THEN SYS Fake Day Details.'No.' ELSE 9999 ELSE 9999. 

    4. Notice that the summary of 'Post N' is 'Min'

    5. 'Post N' takes up more workspace, but 'Post N 2' is a long nested formula. You'll have to do some test to see which one works better for you.


    LipChean_Soh_4-1625746920139.png   LipChean_Soh_5-1625746934581.png

    6. 'To be sent' refers to 'SYS Native Day Details.Post N'.

    7. 'To be sent 2' refers to 'SYS Native Day Details'.'Post N 2'






  • Hi @LancyRebello 




    1. 'SYS Day Details' is created to calculated the number of days to be used in the POST formula.

    2. 'Any' is used in Summary of 'Working Day?' for the purpose of DCA in the subsequent module.

    3. PostN derives the number of days to push back





    4. 'SYS Day Details.Working Day?' is used as the Write Access Driver of 'INP Collection.Collection', this forces the user to enter Collection amount in a weekday that is not a public holiday.

    5. Because 'Any' is activated for 'SYS Day Details.Working Day?', the user can see the total to be collected for each month, i.e. 190.





  • Thanks for the suggestion but this logic will post Thursday and Fridays values in Monday. In every week without any holiday Thursday value should be posted on Monday and Friday value should be posted on Tuesday. 


    If there is a holiday e.g. Monday is Holiday then Thursday value should be posted on Tuesday and Friday value should be posted on Wednesday. 



  • @LipChean_Soh 


    Awesome. Thanks you for both suggestions.


    I prefer the first option of creating a fake list and adding that list as a dimension in the line item and reporting Min number. It is easier for a user to increase or reduce list members based on continuous holiday period rather than try to amend formula.