Create a report view based on its criteria


Hi Everyone,


I have a question on how to do a linkage between 3 modules (Source Module, Mapping and Target)


The image below is my mapping, basically, each Lane is connected to each Slottage Type based on each column.

eg: if a lane is AA1AO "SC In - Consortium" should appear in the line item "Chartered In Exp - Initial Slots Type" and Line Item "Chartered out income - initial slots (type)" will have "SC out - Consortium" etc.



I have already created a mapping as per below image




However, my goal is to let it map automatically based on the code rolling up to the lane (revenue lane) dimension.

Below imagine is my source data. 

each code on the left are link to its lane



Target Module:



I'm not sure what logic to use here.



  • To do this your mapping needs to be between the Slottage Type and whatever is the format of Lane in BSA 001

    so you'd do something like:
    mapping module.slottage type[LOOKUP: BSA 001.Lane]

    I think I might be missing out some part of your relationship though, can you explain the source data a bit more?
    Target is dimensioned by Revenue Lane_VVD, does this roll up to Revenue Lane? (which is the dimension of source data?)

  • Kayley

    Hi Mark,


    Thank you for your reply.


    The source data has a dimension of VVD list roll up by Months.


    So, what i'm trying to achieve is to have look at the VVD on the row, trace to it Revenue Lane and link to the target module to identify which slottage type it is.



    Below is the target module i'm using VVD rolling up to Revenue Lane.


    I have did one manually, based on its VVD and Revenue Lane




    and below is the mapping i did, the co-relation between revenue lane and it slottage typeKayley_4-1626099855749.png