Activity - Beginning Inventory Figures

The beginning inventory in this exercise seems off. I even checked other comments on the board and I have followed what I could. the second screenshot shows the set up for the INV01 Module for the beginning inventory line item. The formula is correct. but maybe something to do with the summary set up ?







  • @drathod 


    Formula for Beginning Inventory looks good, Distribution Center Capacity numbers too look good


    Which means that the numbers in Beginning Inventory are not right. These numbers are dependent on lot of factors - one of the many could be Submit purchase order request. This is a Boolean formatted line item which drives the numbers in each time period.


    Make sure these are enabled as per the instructions given. Take a look 



    Hope this helps



  • It is set up as a boolean (screenshot 1). But per my second screenshot, i cannot check the box.







  • I checked off those boxes (week 1 fy20, week 2 fy20 and week 5 fy20). Also i made sure to check off the shipping override box and update it to Air. Numbers are still off. I checked everything else that i can think of here.