Publish Line Item as Page Selector to Dashboard


Hi team,


Are you able to publish a Line Item from a module to a Dashboard as a Page selector that will act in the same manner as the dimensions published? e.g. the line item will change with the line item selected?


Each time I attempt to 'Publish the Selected Line Items to Dashboard' the value of the line item is published, not a drop down selector




  • @MarkTurkenburg Could you please check the format of the line item which you are publishing to the dashboard? It has to be a list line item so that the drop-down appears when published to dashboard.


    Hope this helps.


  • Yes you can do this, instead of publishing selected line items use the option publish page selectors to dashboard with the line items pivoted to the pages 

  • @MarkTurkenburg 


    As I can understand you want to filter the line items on be basis of the item selected in the selector. You have to crate a custom filter to achieve that.

    If that is the case you can do it with the steps below - 

    1. Create a line item subset(LISS) of the line items .
    2. Create a system module dimensioned by user list and add a line item 'Selector'  which will be formatted by the Line item subset you created.
    3. Create a filter module which will be dimensioned by the LISS ad User list, Create a boolean line item and put formula Selector = item(LISS)
    4. Use the boolean to filter the line items in module ,save and publish the view
    5. Publish the selector line item on dashboard and it will act as a filter.

    This will also help you in NUX



  • Hi @AWhitworth ,


    Thanks but this does not work. It was the methodology I used initially but it will only publish the Dimensions excluding Line Items to the dashboard (even when the Line Items are pivoted to Page Selector on the module)


    Also I never realised that it publishes all dimensions to the Dashboard regardless of whether they are a Page Selector in the dashboard or not



  • Hi @abhay.kanik  ,


    Thanks very much for the detailed response but I feel this is a prime example of why Anaplan can sometimes make what should be simple very difficult. Effectively all I am wanting to do is replicate the Page drop-down selector functionality from the module to the Dashboard but using the 'Page Selectors' as the UE is better than just the native selector attached to the module


    I think I will just use the native functionality but thanks very much for your help