Combing 2 input values under one column




I would like to add up the 2 input values from "Sales" and "Marketing" into the new column called "Sales and Marketing".

The reason is because there has been a change in the categories of business and the previously separated "Sales" and "Marketing" are now combined as one single category "Sales and Marketing".


Is there a way to add up the 2 figures whilst still maintaining the "input" functionality of the cell? It would not be a ideal situation if I would need to have the users  re-enter the values under the new column?








  • @DarrenS 


    You cannot make the line item to be driven by a formula and simultaneously be a input field. 


    To achieve this functionality you can create two more line items and use the override method.


    So it will go something like shown below.



    I hope it helps




  • You want to retain the ability to enter data manually in "Sales and Marketing"?
    You would need to create a line item to add the two values together and import into that line item. I'd advise against that though, avoid imports where possible.

    Instead have an override line item, so "Sales and Marketing" would be something like:
    IF Sales and Marketing Override? THEN Sales and Marketing Override value ELSE Sales + Marketing

    So users enter data in to "Sales and Marketing Override" to update "Sales and Marketing"...
  • Listen to Anand here his best practice is better than mine!

    Using the NOT so the most common expression is evaluated first in the IF statement. Nice... 🙂
  • @MarkWarren 


    Thank You Mark for being so humble. Really appreciate