Move Data Faster With Model-to-Model Import in CloudWorks


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Model-to-model import is now available in CloudWorks! Easy to set up and ready to use, model-to-model import helps you automatically move data from one model to another—on the schedule that’s right for you and without additional IT resources.

With CloudWorks, Connected Planning has never been easier—you can distribute data from the Data Hub to Spoke models, such as finance or supply chain models, to make planning data more readily available for your planners across the business.

The following use-case examples can all be scheduled and automated by model builders within the Anaplan platform using CloudWorks:

  • Your finance team may have a finance forecasting environment separate from their AOP model—depending on the level of detail and stakeholders and planners involved—and they want to update and analyze the AOP model as forecast data is updated.
  • More detailed sales forecast data, such as customer-level, product-level, and opportunity-level data, can be imported into a revenue model to analyze progress to targets and address gaps.
  • An HR model with sensitive employee data could be used to update an OPEX model for a more comprehensive, holistic view.

More About CloudWorks:

Watch the on-demand session from Anaplan Live! in June 2021 to hear about the model-to-model launch in CloudWorks and the future of agile, intelligent planning: "The Future of Agile, Intelligent Planning: A Conversation with Anaplan Product Leaders." In this session, Anaplan Live! Host Chris Weiss has an in-depth conversation with Anaplan’s Product Leadership on the current state of Connected Planning. Find out how our latest innovations empower model builders to navigate the future and support executives to stay ahead of the curve. See what’s in store for the platform and how it will revolutionize the way model builders work within Anaplan.