Schedule model-to-model imports in Anaplan as often as you'd like


Use the native capabilities in CloudWorks to distribute data from the Data Hub to Spoke models, or between different models in the platform, any time you want with its model-to-model import functionality.

No activation, add-on services, or technical resources are required to use—everything you need to move data between models in the platform is in the CloudWorks user interface today.

Get up to speed on what you can use CloudWorks for with the following resources:


  • Great summary of the documentation @AnnaM - thank you!

  • Thanks @AnnaM for summarizing the resources related to CloudWorks. CloudWorks can reduce/remove our dependence on third party schedulers and make Anaplanners self sufficient. 

  • Thanks @AnnaM!


    Just to make sure I'm not missing something - current state a Cloudworks process can only trigger a single action/process within a specified model.  There is no ability to define a workflow or integration loop whereby we are running a series of model to model actions in a defined sequence. 


    Use case would be pushing data between models where there are calculation dependencies requiring completion of each step before the next can begin.  


    I'm seeing an Idea on the Exchange so if this is a current limitation, I'd encourage fellow Anaplanner's to upvote that idea. 

  • Hi @Tiffany.Rice Thanks for your reply! Yes, I'd also encourage others to also vote for this in the Idea Exchange. Thanks for including the link!