OEG Best Practice: Integration Scheduling in Anaplan CloudWorks

Anaplan CloudWorks enables seamless data integration between Anaplan and other cloud-based applications. To optimize performance and efficiency, it's crucial to follow best practices when scheduling integration tasks. This article outlines recommended guidelines for creating integration schedules in Anaplan CloudWorks, emphasizing the importance of staggering start times for improved overall performance.

Understanding the Impact of Scheduling Integrations:
Scheduling integrations at different times, even with a minor 10-30 minute difference, significantly affects performance by avoiding concurrent execution of tasks, which can lead to slower performance and resource constraints.

Staggering Start Times for Individual Scheduled Integrations:
As illustrated in the screenshot below, stagger the start times of individual CloudWorks Integrations or CloudWorks Integration Flows to maximize performance. Introducing a time delay minimizes resource contention and ensures efficient utilization of system resources.

Avoiding Concurrent Execution:
Prevent strain on system resources and impact on overall performance by scheduling integrations with sufficient time gaps between tasks. This minimizes the likelihood of resource conflicts and potential slowdowns.

Consideration for Integration Complexity and Data Volume:
Account for integration complexity and data volume when scheduling tasks. Heavier integrations or those involving large datasets may require additional processing time. Adjust start times accordingly to allow for ample processing time.

Monitoring and Fine-Tuning:
Regularly monitor integration performance, system resources, processing times, and bottlenecks. This helps identify areas for optimization and fine-tuning of integration schedules.

Documentation and Collaboration:
Maintain clear documentation of integration schedules, including start times and task dependencies. This documentation facilitates troubleshooting, future reference, and collaboration with team members involved in the integration process.

By adhering to best practices for integration scheduling in Anaplan CloudWorks, you can ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Staggering start times of integrations, even with small time differences, significantly improves performance by avoiding resource contention. Regular monitoring and fine-tuning of integration schedules enable smooth data synchronization between Anaplan and other systems.

Author: Quin Eddy, @QuinE - Director of Data Integration, Operational Excellence Group (OEG)