SUM Lineitems by Weekday

I want to calculate the amount by Weekday.

This is the image.

Module A

LineItemAmountA100   10  50

Module B

LineItemAmountB150(100+50)   10  


I tried this formula but the Monday Total has not calculated.(Amount = 0) 

Formula: Amount B = AmountA[SUM:Weekday]


How can I calculate it?


  • Can you raise this to support, defintely i would expect this to work with your formula.

    It is probably due to how the standard time list is special and is not same like other dimensions.


    Here is a **** work around,

    In your source,

    create another line item, say'~A' and dimension it by Time(Day) and Weekday list.

    If weekday = item(weekday list) then AmountA else 0


    In your target module,

    '~A'[Select:time.all periods]




  • @hyudolee 


    If you have a Time Dimension in your source module and not in target module then you can not use SUM in Target module based on Time in Source module because of the special nature of Time dimension in Anaplan as @ArunManickam mentioned.i.e., Every Time Item is considered to be in separate block (Analogy to Line item) & SUM doesn't worn Interblock.



  • OK, I understand!