New UX: freeze items from crolling


As an admin or an end user I would like to have ability to freeze one or a few line items from scrolling (the same way as it's available in the excel)



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  • This is a great idea and much needed from a user standpoint. 


    Is this in Anaplan's roadmap?

  • tbeck

    The freeze pane option is yet to be available, however, there is a new feature to the NUX that has jest been released called synchronized scroll, that allows for similar functionality. 


    The synchronized scroll feature can be found in the top right corner of a grid card, 


    Selecting the feature will open up a panel to group the cards with similar dimensionality to be synchronized.


    Name the groups accordingly, and then select the Boolean in the right corner of each card that should be in sync. 


    There is also an option to choose which direction the grids should be synchronized. 


    In this case, I chose Verticle only, because I have text fields in Grid 1, that I want to "Freeze Panes" so I can move the data left to right, without moving the Values in Grid 2, where I can make inputs, directly referencing the grid on the left. 



    If I put the mouse cursor in Column A Row 1, and scroll down, you can see the cursor in the column did not move and both grids scrolled vertically to the bottom. This is a very valuable feature provided by the NUX.

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