Showing selected version in a line item


Hi all, is it possible to show the selected version as a line item in that module?


For e.g., I have 3 versions in version settings and have a module with these versions as a dimension:


Version 1

Version 2

Can I create a line item that automatically shows which version has been selected? So the line item should update automatically when I select a different version from the drop down. Note that I can't create versions using a list, but instead only under the version settings, so that option is ruled out.


Many thanks for your help!



  • If you mean that you would like to take data from a source module that has version dimension,  then you can use SELECT or LOOKUP functions (lookup will require an additional module with a version selector). 


    If this is just about a selector then you can publish the selector to the dashboard separately:



  • You also can try to use fake Versions list, which can be available as a format in the line item. Then you just need to simply match the names of your fake list to the real list in this line item. Then with the selection, you will get the exact name. 

    Or even hardcode with a text dimensioned by versions where you will have names of the versions. So you don't really need the fake list.

  • @nishantgarg Leveraging ISCURRENTVERSION() or ISACTUALVERSION() function may be another way to achieve the functionality you are looking for.



  • Hello Nishant,
    I think you can do it with help of creating system module where you would track versions name.
    Steps to proceed:
    1) Create system module dimensioned by versions with 1 lineitem "Version Name". this lineitem would be text formatted
    2) refer to this module with a formula to depended modules where this name is needed

    You could maintain a version name manually.
    Also Im not sure but you could try to update lineitem with name Via action and mapping LI to column, but again im not 100% that it will work