Different Timescale/Version View


Hello All,


I would like to create a reporting module as follows (in the screenshot). Is it possible to have a view like the screenshot attached? Please note I have versions in the model and timescale as well. 


Versions: Actual, Forecast, Budget


20 Actual, 21 Budget, 21 Actual this should be in sequence as per the report. Would like to get a thought process/idea on the same. Appreciate your response. 










  • Hi @aishabhy05 


    Try creating a filter line with Boolean format according to the requirement, adjust your saved view according to the desired format, and apply the filter to the view. This should help to get you the output.



  • How to get Apr 20(Actuals), Apr 21 (Budget) , Apr 21(Actual) using the filter in the same sequence?  

    actual and budget are versions. 

  • @aishabhy05 

    Open the pivot opens in the board designer and nest the time and version in columns with your line items in rows. 


    Layer version first and place time above to achieve the view you are looking for.

  • Using the pivot option to change the Dimension -put it Versions and time as well required dimension in columns and save the view - then you can publish on the dashboard.


     We can change the same thing in dashboard also change the dimensions in the dashboard itself

  • @ChrisAHeathcote If I use pivot view by having version first how will I get for Result Version Apr 18,  Apr 19 Budget Version, 20 Apr Forecast Version in sequence?  The year should be in Sequence for the same month. 




    I tried another view by time followed by version. Still not able to achieve. Any leads, please? 








  • @Javvaji45   If i use saved view then will it not be fixed if I move on to next year?  I want it to be dynamice, not as fixed view. 

  • we can use the view to update every year - when you change the pivot you should save the view - or else it will become previous state
    Not a (Savedveiw)