Add Show Imports/Show Targets to Modules


Please allow model builders to view, from the current module, a list of all of the imports to the current module and a list of all of the targets (i.e. imports that use the current module as an import data source).

The current process of resolving import issues from a module is tedious - from the current module a model builder performs the following steps:

  1. Exports all import actions to excel
  2. Filters import actions to the current module name
  3. Copy the source object (or edit the import action to force update the source object)
  4. Open the source module
  5. Open the source saved view

With the introduction of the new modelling experience (and specifically deep-linking) the above process could be streamlined. From the current module, a pop-up could show all of the imports to the module. Model builders could then edit the import or open up the source object directly.

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