New Formula Editor - Positioning and Default Setting


For the New Formula Editor is it possible to:

1. Be able to dock it at the top and left of the screen as well as the bottom \ right

2. Set a default so that each time you expand into the new editor box it opens to the left\right\top\bottom depending on your setting, or if a setting is not possible then have it default to the last position the user had chosen.

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  • Agreed with this idea - especially with the IF statement indentation that was recently released in April 2022, some formulas have now become quite long. With this, the default position of the formula bar at the bottom of the page is no longer ideal, as most of the formula would be cut off and the right is all empty space.


    The current workaround, involves clicking on the "left alignment" every time a IF statement formula is opened and would be much better if it defaulted to my last chosen position.

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