Line item reference to a member from SUBlist



I have a line item in my model - X with a list format. This line item uses the SUB list (as format).
In another line item - Y I need to refer to a specific member from X , how should I do this?

I have tried with the SELECT function, but I get an error because it is difficult to reference a member from the SUB list, and the main list is not an X dimension.


Thank you in advance for the help. 

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  • ashish.banka

    @Dominika_Dudzinska Just wondering when you say:

    "X (sublist of the Main Version list) - item presented as drop-down list"


    By "Main Version list", are you referring to Native Versions of Anaplan?



    If that is the case, it would be curious to know how you created a "Sublist" of the Native versions of Anaplan.


    If you are referring "Main Version list" as a List created in the Model Lists section, then you should be able to refer then you can refer then as normal list item:




    Let me know if you need more help on the same.




  • Hi Dominika
    Could you please describe what do you mean by "main list is not an X dimension"
    You can refer to a member of a list "SUB list" to lineitem Y if it is same format and you will get as a result same selected item across any dimensions of this module. To Do so you just need to start formula editing and then you need to go to the model lists and open a list and then select desired item in a list.
    Please let me know if it is works, and I would be happy to have more details if you would have other questions.
  • Hello, 


    X (sublist of the Main Version list) - item presented as drop-down list

    Y - the specific item from the Main Version list selected in the line item X


    The source module in which I have those line items don't have Main Version list as dimension.

    I can not use SELECT formula in Y, because it does not apply to sublist.


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