Comments on report cards

As an user, I would like to be able to add comments to the report cards, in the same way that it is already available for board and worksheet pages. 


This would allow users to take advantage of the collaboration functionalities within Anaplan and increase the use and engagement of the tool. 

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  • Hi Team


    I have been using the NUX Application since a long period of time. I am happy to get the create, add and delete functionalities in the Report Page creation. Can we get the action card and field card functionalities in the report page.

    And the background of the page and background of the card functionalities in Board and Worksheets, when we create a page in NUX Application. If those functionalities can be build with customization background and the solid colors that will be really helpful and the visualization could be more better.


    Have a great day ahead !


    Stay Safe and Stay Fit.

    Thanks Regards

    Aadya Tyagi

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