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Hi Team, 


Is there a way for me to reset my cumulate on a monthly basis? 




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  • rob_marshall
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    Not exactly sure what you are attempting to do, but you might look into using the function MonthToDate() which will be much more performant than cumulate.




  • Hello Elaine,

    It is not very clear what is your specific case (what are you cumulating, what is time frame, what is cumulation logic, etc), but I can suggest two things:

    1) If you are using native Anaplan formula to Cumulate you should utilise 3rd boolean parameter which you can set on specific period to reset cumulation. Please review formula insights:

    2) If you are using custom cumulation formula, like :

    Sales Cumulated = Previous(Sales Cumulated) + Sales

    you could try to use Cumulate or would need to enhance current logic it with IF THEN ELSE logic and your target formula would be something like:

    Sales Cumulated = iF not (reset period bool) THEN Previous(Sales Cumulated) + Sales ELSE 0


    Hope it would help

  • Thanks Rob. This one worked. 🙂
  • Hi Nickolay, 


    Thank you for taking time to respond. It is a normal reset of cumulate every after the month.. so it was like a 30-day cumulate.. I tried to cumulate with another criteria being the first day of the month and it worked but Rob's suggestion was more efficient. Thank you still. 🙂