Payment cut-off


Hi, question please. How can I calculate the payment cut-off which is happening every week. I have created a system module, screenshot below.

Scenarios of the payment cut-off. 

1. first cut-off  - day 1 to day 7 >>> payment is after 5 working days

                                               (example: July 1 to 7, 2021 then payment day is July 14, 2021 -excluding SAT-SUN)
2. second cut-off  - day 8 to day 15 >>> payment is after 5 working days
3. third cut-off -  day 16 to day 22 >>> payment is after 5 working days
4. fourth cut off -  day 23 to 31 >>> payment is after 5 working days (the last payment depends on the ending of the month e.g. 28th or 30th)



thank you!


Best Answer

  • ChrisAHeathcote


    You will need to define the parameters of each cut off item. Therefore, create a new list for your cut off headers and a system module which you can use to define the parameters.

    You will need a line item for the following;

    Start Day

    End Day

    Payment Day

    Once you have this established create a new module dimensioned by this new list and time.

    Using the data from the time system module you can create a logic which will return the cut off for each item in your new list.