Having boolean true for certain hierarchy levels only


I have a hierarchy consisting three levels (product/product family/total products. Similar to the one in the trainings) and I tried to do some conditional formatting on it (need to use it as other tables on dashboard have list/line item subsets in it so needed to create a consistent outlook)


I thought using an if formula like this: IF Product only? THEN 0 ELSE IF Product family only? THEN 1 ELSE 2 would work but cannot put together a correct module which contains booleans for both hierarchy levels.

I need something like this one, but I only can figure out for two hierarchy levels. (this formula runs to error: Level mismatch on common dimension)




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  • AjayM
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    Hi @tasianna05 ,
    Hope this answers your concern.

    1. Define count lineitems for P1 and P2 with different summaries (Sum and Formula respectively)

    2. Add another lineitem 'P1 vs P2' with a summary ratio to gather different output for each level

    Module BP1.png

    3. You can use 'P1 vs P2' lineitem for CF or define another one like below
    Module DV.png