Formula for a Line Item

Hi All, I'm having trouble figuring out the formula for this. I need to create a Formula for "A" for the succeeding months but the first month should be an input.



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  • Hi Lorraine,

    You cannot have both input and formula for the same line item.
    What you can do is to create a new line item let's say "A1", where you will take value as input



    Also create a Time Settings Module which has time as dimension and one boolean line item First Month? which will look like this


    After this use formula in line item "A" of your module 

    IF Time Settings Module.'First Month?' THEN 'A1' ELSE PREVIOUS(A) - PREVIOUS(B)

    I hope this helps.



  • Misbah
    Answer ✓



    Step 1: Create a SYS Time module where you will identify the first month of each year.



    Step 2: Create another module where you store the beginning balance feeding into first months of each year . I have used Yearly Timescale here but you can use whatever scale you want


    Step 3: Create a final module where you do the calculations



    Hope that helps