Adjustable page size in management reporting


Not sure how others feel about the 4:3 ratio in the new reporting page, but I would consider it pretty outdated for projectors and standard laptop / desktop screens. To my knowledge, only iPads / tablets still use the 4:3 ratio.


I would appreciate if it can be adjusted to at least 16:9, but also standard paper sizes like A4, A5 etc. would be handy for hand-outs.

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  • I think you can, if you click on the little wheel at the top right of the page. 

  • You are right, thanks! I completely missed this feature, considering that orientation is changed in the menu bar....

  • Since PDF is an incredibly dynamic tool - it would be great to have the ability to specify exact size either in inches/cm or even in px similar to how many dashboards are built in other tools. There are so many possible use cases for the managerial reporting but the functionality isn't there for many of them. 

  • @PhilippErkinger this is already supported via the page size dialog via the page settings cog menu. I think the takeaway here is maybe that could be made more discoverable.







  • @sprender what is the equivalent size for 16:9? I can't seem to find the perfect match. The initial request from @PhilippErkinger was to provide 16:9 which we mainly use in our presentation slides but doesn't seem to work with the current list of sizes. thanks.

  • @michael_park I'm sure you've stumbled on this already, but in some release over the last year, they've added 16:9

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