MAILTO Functionality Character Limit



I have this issue with the mailto functionality, wherein I am picking up user names for "TO" from the line item 'To', which is formula driven and is picking up more than 1 user. In a particular scenario the line item picks up more than a certain number wherein the character size of the line item exceeds the threshold. Which crashes the Outlook and functionality does not work. 

Is there a work around for this issue or am i doing something incorrectly in the first place. I need the ability to pick up all the Mail IDs which is the requirement and also avoid character limit issue.

Currently I am asking the users to manually copy paste the to mail address but i am looking to automate the whole process. Also, I have figured a solution where i use alias ID say, XYZ@abcdotcom has an alias called 'XYZ' if I just use XYZ it should fetch the mail in the outlook however when i reference the mailto "to" :- to the ALIAS line item, its returning a blank in outlook. Is there some mistake that i am doing. Does Anaplan not pick up texts which does not have dotcom ?

Please help me out ! thanks


  • @Sachinsourav02 


    Do you have more than 80,000 characters? If yes, then it won't work but if it doesn't cross this threshold then it should work.  



    As far as I know aliases don't work, it has to be email id