Parent to child Levels



For your assistance please. I would like to ask how can i lookup child which is on level 2 and the parent is on level 0?





Target Module : Dimension :  L2 cost center

Source Module : Dimension : L0 Cost Center


I created two line items below in my target module but when i try to get the data from the source module  and lookup on the line items, its an error. 




Thank  you!


Best Answers

  • Hi

    Lookup arguments have to be on the same level as the target.

    Keep your line items with parents on the same dimension as the target module.

    Test2 have to look the following way:


    After that, you can refer to it with LOOKUP.



  • Try keeping the dimension of test2 as same of the module, and use formula PARENT(test) for it. Now you will be able to use lookup the way you want